It was announced on 13th November  2014 that Engine Lease Finance Corporation (“ELFC”) has been acquired by Mitsubishi UFJ Lease and Finance Co., Ltd. (“MUL”).

ELFC’s President and CEO, Jon Sharp, states, “We are very excited by this move to MUL. MUL is one of Japan’s largest leasing companies and is renowned for its innovative approach to asset finance and for aggressively expanding its global business activities. We are being encouraged to grow and to develop our business model, including transitioning into new areas, and being more flexible and creative in our existing well-proven sphere of business.  We anticipate strong support for sustainable growth, for development of new products, including greater integration of the value chain and facilitation of timely responses to customer needs, improving on what we have done well for the last 25 years.  We have in place the market position, the infrastructure and skills and I am keen to exploit them to take ELFC to a new level. This is a great way to celebrate ELFC’s twenty-fifth anniversary.”